Home Visits/Palliative care/Hospice Care


The concept of "gracefully aging in place" is a major focus of my private practice in geriatric medicine. My commitment and passion is to assist my patients to maintain good health span and avoid frailty. Wisdom and beauty comes with age but also with its own challenges. I am here to be your advocate and personal guide through the myriad challenges that our currently broken in our healthcare system. 


PersonalizedHome Visits

  • Same-day and next-day appointments at home. 

  • Around-the-clock telephone access

  • Coordination of specialty care referrals within Pasadena

  • Coordination of transitional care in the hospital, nursing home or personal home. 

  • Care managers are part of my team approach concept to assist with families with  caregiver distress and home safety. 

  • Challenges related to dementia? I can assist with eliminating unnecessary medications 

My Passion,

My Commitment.

  • Our mission is to offer an

        evidence-based medicine 

        approach to care.

  • Avoiding unnecessary medications and hospitalizations that so often afflict our older adult population leading to pooroutcomes and further frailty

  • Delivering care that is both compassionate and sensitive in our complex medical system. 

  • Maximing independence and quality of care in our older adult population. 


950 South Arroyo Pkwy, 3rd floor

Pasadena CA 91105