GeriEats-Geriatric care: A dignified, compassionate

way of providing companion care at home

What are the intended goals of GeriEats?

-Initial geriatric assessment

-Home safety evaluation

-Avoiding unnecessary medications or recurrent hospitalizations

-Screening for caregiver burnout, falls and frailty

-Assistance with respite care, palliative or hospice care

-Supervision of medication adherence

-Understanding evidence-based geriatric care models of care

-Understanding behavior disturbances related to dementia

-Helping families better understand the complexity of the 

US health systems

Personal Care Partner                Quality (AI) Care Partner                   

  • Attend medical visits and engage with medical staff to update family members 

  • Supervision of medication compliance and hydration & exercise protocol 

  • Coordination of specialty care  visits and planning

  • Coordination of transitional care in the hospital, nursing home or personal home. 

  • Light chores and produce shopping

  • Non-medical management of behavior health in dementia

  • Covid-19 PPE-compliance at all times

  • Companionship during transitions of care while in the hospital or nursing home

  • Efficient services to all involved medical personnel

  • Cloud-based technologies to perform efficient and prompt attention to basic care needs

  • Evidence-based approach to care thru medical coordination of files 

  • Avoiding unnecessary medications and hospitalizations that so often afflict our older adult population 

  • Helping families understand our multi-layered, complex medical systems 

  • Enhancing independence and quality of care in our older adult population 

  • Transition families to hospice care at home

  • IT platforms such Together-Clinic application to assist with weights, vitals and other measurable data measures useful clinicians  

  • Client advocacy

GeriEats Classes Offered

  • Cooking with class

  • Life and Balance

  • Yoga and wellness

  • Walk with purpose

  • Reading/Arts Essentials

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